New York - Miami - Los Angeles Wednesday, April 01, 2020
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  • Recognition of Freedom From Citrus Longhorned Beetle and Asian Longhorned Beetle in Certain European Union Countries
  • Federal Register Notices
  • Steel Propane Cylinders from China and Thailand Injure U.S. Industry, Says USITC
  • Plan, Prepare and Protect Your Pet Before, During and After an Emergency
  • Statement on the Agency's Actions to Tackle the Epidemic of Youth Vaping and Court Ruling on Application Submission Deadlines for Certain Tobacco Products, Including E-Cigarettes
  • GUIDANCE: Sixth Round of Products Excluded from Section 301 Duties (Tranche 1)
  • OTEXA: Announcements
  • Federal Register Notices
  • USITC Makes Determinations in Five-Year (Sunset) Reviews Concerning Sodium Nitrite from China and Germany
  • U.S. Department of Commerce Issues Preliminary Determinations in the Countervailing Duty Investigations of Imports of Fabricated Structural Steel from China, Canada, and Mexico
  • GUIDANCE: Exclusion of Particular Products from Section 201 (Solar Products)
  • Update: USTR Adds to List of EU Products Being Considered for Sec. 301 Tariffs
  • TMF at Ports of LA and Long Beach to Increase 1.9% on August 1, 2019
  • Federal Register Notices
  • USITC Releases 10th Annual Report on U.S. Textile and Apparel Imports from China
  • U.S. Department of Commerce Announces Three Affirmative Preliminary Circumvention Rulings on Exports of Steel Products from Vietnam
  • FDA Warns Repackers Distributing Pharmaceutical Ingredients, including Opioids, for Putting Consumers at Risk with Significant Violations of Manufacturing Quality Standards
  • USITC Votes to Continue Investigations of Quartz Surface Products from India and Turkey
  • Federal Reserve Notices
  • USITC: News Releases, Documents, Announcements
  • CBP Seizes Fur Coats Valued at $76K
  • Philadelphia CBP Seizes Nearly 4,000 Non-Compliant Tires from China
  • BEST Team in Baltimore Seizes 333 Pounds of Cocaine in Container of Beach Chairs from China
  • Update: Exclusive Request Portal for Sec. 301, Trache 3, to Open on June 30, 2019 •
  • U.S. Department of Commerce Finds Dumping and Countervailable Subsidization of Imports of Steel Propane Cylinders from China and Thailand
  • Federal Reserve Notices
  • USITC: News Releases, Documents, Announcements
  • Mink Eyelashes – What You Need to Know
  • Long Beach Cargo Down in May
  • Port of NY & NJ At Strongest Competitive Position in Decades With Completion of ExpressRail Network, Capstone of Multi-Billion Port Modernization Program
  • New Federal Standard to Improve Safety of High Chairs Takes Effect
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