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  • Statement From FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., on the Agency's Global Efforts to Help Assure Product Quality and Transparency at Foregin Drug Manufacturing Facilities
  • Request for Comments To Compile the National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers
  • USTR Publishes Agreed Outcomes from US-Korea FTA Amendment and Modification Negotiations
  • Commission Adequacy Determinations: Steel Concrete Reinforcing Bar from Belarus, China, Indonesia, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, and Ukraine
  • Commission Adequacy Determination: Xanthan Gum from China
  • Commission Adequacy Determination: Sodium Hexametaphosphate from China
  • Brazil’s Golden Conure Improves Status, Easing Import Restrictions Under the Endangered Species Act
  • Deadline for Filing GSP Retroactive Duty Refund Request - September 19, 2018
  • U.S. Department of Commerce Issues Affirmative Preliminary Antidumping Duty Determinations on Rubber Bands from China and Thailand
  • U.S. Department of Commerce Issues Affirmative Preliminary Countervailing Duty Determination of Imports of Certain Steel Wheels from China
  • U.S. Department of Commerce Issues Affirmative Preliminary Countervailing Duty Determination on Glycine from China and India, Negative Preliminary Countervailing Duty Determination on Glycine from Thailand
  • CBP Officers Seize another 44 Pounds of Marijuana in a Commercial Shipment
  • Drivers Be Aware: It’s Back-to-School Time
  • UPDATE: Section 301 Trade Remedies Assessed on Certain Products from China
  • OFAC: Announcements
  • Treasury Targets Russian Shipping Companies for Violations of North Korea-related United Nations Security Council Resolutions
  • 33 Charged in Half a Billion Dollar Smuggling Scheme of Counterfeit Luxury Goods
  • CBP Officers Seize Mattress Unsafe Shipment in Tacoma
  • U.S. Department of Commerce Finds Dumping and Subsidization of Imports of Stainless Steel Flanges from India
  • UPDATE Additional Duty on Imports of Steel Articles Under Section 232, Republic of Turkey
  • Treasury Targets Shipping Industry and Other Facilitators of North Korea United Nations Security Council Violations
  • China Initiates Dispute Complaints Against Us Solar Cell Duties, Renewable Energy Measures
  • CBP Officers at the Laredo Port of Entry Seize More Than $1.3 Million in Crystal Methamphetamine
  • Dulles CBP Intercepts Prohibited Pork Concealed in Cans of Baby Formula
  • Petitions for the Imposition of Antidumping Duties and Countervailing Duties on Imports of Certain Steel Wheels 12 - 16.5 Inches in Diameter From the People’s Republic of China
  •  OTEXA: Announcements
  •  USTR Finalizes Second Tranche of Tariffs on Chinese Products in Response to China's Unfair Trade Practices
  •  Voiding Inactive Importer of Record Numbers
  • 5 Charged in Multimillion Dollar Counterfeiting Scheme Following ICE HSI Investigation
  •  Project Dakota Flyer Sentences Announced
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