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•OTEXA: Announcements
•Federal Register Notices
•Department of State Partners with
•Proposed Modification on One Ruling Letter and Proposed Revocation of Treatment Relating to the Tariff Classification of Belts
•Baltimore CBP Seizes $2.5 Million in Palm Oil Shipments Under Forced Labor Finding
•FTC, DOJ, and FDA Take Action to Stop Marketer of Herbal Tea from Making False COVID-19 Treatment Claims
•Justice Department and Federal Maritime Commission Reaffirm and Strengthen Partnership to Promote Fair Competition in the Shipping Industry
•OTEXA: Announcements
•Federal Register Notices
•USTR Releases 2022 President’s Trade Policy Agenda and 2021 Annual Report
•Baltimore CBP Officers Seize Shipment of 29,000 Counterfeit Water Purifier Filters from China
•CBP Officers Seize Meth Disguised as Onions
•DOT Announces New Funding for America’s Marine Highway Program to Strengthen Supply Chains
•United States Imposes Export Restrictions Against Russia
•Emergency Import Restrictions Imposed on Archaeological and Ethnological Material of Afghanistan
•Federal Register Notices
•U.S. Treasury Imposes Immediate Economic Costs in Response to Actions in the Donetsk and Luhansk Regions
•USITC Makes Determination in Five-Year (Sunset) Review Concerning Narrow Woven Ribbons with Woven Selvedge from China and Taiwan
•Proposed Revocation of One Ruling Letter and Proposed Revocation of Treatment Relating to the Tariff Classification of Babies' Swimwear
•Pre-Columbian Artifacts Seized by CBP are Returned to the Dominican Republic
•BIS Seeks Public Comments on the Section 232 Exclusions Process
•Federal Register Notices
•Cincinnati CBP Intercepts Shipments of Unapproved Injectable Cosmetics
•USITC Institutes Section 337 Investigation of Certain Networking Devices, Computers and Components Thereof and Systems Containing the Same
•USTR Releases Annual Report on China's WTO Compliance
•Chinese Military-Industrial Complex Sanctions Regulations
•FTC to VoIP Providers: Turn over Information for Robocall Investigations or Prepare to be Sued in Federal Court
•U.S. Announces Deal with Japan to Partially Rollback Section 232 Steel Tariffs
•CSMS #50930928 - Reminder on Requirements for Steel Mill Certificates and Aluminum Certificates of Analysis
•Federal Register Notices
•$2.88 Million of Counterfeit Items Intercepted by Chicago CBP in January
•CBP Memphis, HSI and Gwinnett County Georgia Crush nearly $16 Million Counterfeit Goods Seller
•Tai, Raimondo Statements on 232 Tariff Agreement with Japan
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