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Automated Communications C-Air was a pioneer in the computerized entry of imported goods, and our electronic data systems am fully compatible with U.S. Customs' Automated Broker Interface (ABI) and Automated Manifest System (AMS) programs. Our extensive EDI capability also allows us to maintain computerized interface directly with clients. This capacity helps to speed delivery of goods, untangle complex paper work, provide online status reports, initiate and receive responses to quota queries, maintain accurate files, establish transaction libraries, develop tracing procedures and issue customized shipping reports for each client.

Customs Brokerage As a full-service customhouse broker, C-Air performs a broad range of functions essential for the timely entry and release of imported goods. We boast a simple roster of licensed customs brokers at our Atlantic and Pacific port offices; these staff members are certified professionals who personally see to it that all your customs-related needs are met in the proper manner. Another signature feature of our brokerage service is our ability to obtain advance clearance of your import shipments while they are still en route to the US. You can also turn to us for project planning, and for preparing and monitoring applications for duty drawback. Of growing importance to you as an importer is C-Air's regulatory expertise. This knowledge is invaluable in shouldering the increased burden imposed by US Customs, which now requires to keep detailed records of all import transactions.

Door-to-Door Control No matter what the commodity or the distance it must travel, C-Air can assume single-party responsibility for your shipment at all stages of the distribution process. Door-to-door coordination allows you to realize the benefits of effective cost management - benefits like on landed-cost program, which tells you exactly what the cost will be to get a shipment from point of origin to ultimate delivery site.

Freight Forwarding
You can score in international markets with an assist from C-Air's comprehensive line of forwarding and export support services. C-Air is an approved air cargo agent, a licensed ocean freight forwarder and an experienced air consolidator. We arrange ocean consolidations and handle hazardous materials. And we help prepare, and advise on, export documents required by banks and government agencies, as well as insurance requirements and coverage based on limits of liability.

Information Resources We stay in continual contact with clients to provide the information needed to intelligently plan and conduct international trade activities. A key communication link is C-Air Update, a newsletter issued frequently throughout the year to alert you to recent regulatory and transport-industry developments, and to explain how these developments could affect your distribution operations.

Multi-Port Presence Having facilities in New York, Miami and Los Angeles not only brings us closer to the government officials we deal with on behalf of our clients, but also puts us in closer proximity to shippers and consignees. At each port location, we offer complete transport services, including special pickups on both a scheduled and nonscheduled basis, import cartage, and airport, pier and long-haul trucking. We also coordinate with motor carriers operating refrigerated, low-boy, earth-moving, air-ride and other specialized equipment.

Worldwide Logistics With manufacturing operations becoming increasingly global in nature, there is a growing need to efficiently connect the points along often-winding distribution routes. C-Air can help you establish a seamless shipping system that optimizes the economies inherent in today's multinational assembly line. Moreover, just as successful exporters and importers have formed strategic partnerships to bolster their competitiveness in a global market, C-Air has developed a far-flung agency network that provides a uniform standard of service in countries around the world. Besides its cooperative endeavors with correspondent agents abroad, C-Air also works closely with its American affiliate, Stile Associates, to offer import and export services of the highest caliber.

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